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Automatic Alignment Helpers for Front Panel Controls

This goes a bit with Christian's suggestion to separate edit time and run time front panel sizes.


While I do appreciate the alignment grid on the front panel I find it insufficient a lot of the times. What I would like to see is some alignment helpers similar to the ones that are provided in the form editor of MS Visual Studio:


  • When you move a control close to another control, it automatically displays a standard distance "helper" that you can snap to.
  • When you move the edge of one control close to the edge (in one dimension) of another control a vertical or horizontal line is drawn from that other control to which you can snap, regardless of whether it happens to sit on a grid line or not. 
  • When you move a control close to the edge of the front panel a standard distance "helper" is displayed that you can snap to.

All of these features should be available for a move as well as for a resize of the controls.


You can find screen shots of what I am talking about here and here.

Active Participant

Surprused this hasn't seen more activity. A few tools like this could make front panel development a little more intuitive and 21st century. 

James Mc
CLA and cRIO Fanatic
My writings on LabVIEW Development are
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This would be cool if we could define specific "snap-to" lines for UI placement instead of relying on a global grid.