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Add Option for Preserving RTF formatting from Clipboard when Pasting into String Constant or Labels

Status: New

How you ever had to design a SQL query? Probably Smiley Happy

Usually I design these in MS SQL Server Management Studio, because its easy to test there. And I like that the sql code is colored, so its easy to see whats going on.

However, when I copy it into a string constant, the colors are gone:



But I noticed, that if I copy sql code into a mail or a document, the formatting from MS SQL Server Management Studio is preserved.

That is because the program stores RTF (rich text format) information on the clipboard.


Wouldnt It be nice if there was an 'Paste Special' or Quick Drop feature that preserved the RTF formatting when pasting text into a string constant or a documentation label?


Then it could look like this:



If you think that this could be a nice feature, then kudo this idea Smiley Happy

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI

Somewhat ironically, I usually want the exact reverse - text is pasted using some font I don't like and I have to select it and change it to the app font, so I'm a bit torn on this, because I do like the idea.


I'll vote for it, but it would be nice if there was an easy way to paste and get the default font.

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Some programs (e.g. Word) have a 'Paste Special' function.

Suppose in LabVIEW you could press Shift+Ctrl+V and a dialog would pop giving you some options:


  • As String Constant with default formatting
  • As String Constant with source formatting (RTF or LV)
  • As Image
  • As Label with default formatting
  • Etc

Such a feature could solve both yours and my issue 🙂