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Ability to select interface for UDP writes

I would like to see the ability to select which network interface UDP writes are written to. Presently the UDP method in labview allows you to select interface for reads but writes automatically go out the "default interface" having a system consisting of a wired card, wireless card and a virtual interface is bringing about this need. I can manually turn off the virtual in the network control panel but there should be a way to just output to the device one wants to


I believe the UDP Write selects the network interface based on the routing table. In most cases this is enough to get it right but virtual interfaces in particular VMware have caused problems for me in the past. The issue is that Vmware directs all link-local (169.x.x.x) traffic to its virtual adapter by adding to the routing table.


I have never tracked down whether this behaviour by VMWare violates any standards or conventions but if it does not then any number of other applications could be doing this and we need more flexibility in UDP Write.

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May be a duplicate idea. See:

Now is the right time to use %^<%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S%3uZ>T
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interesting point here.  I decided to wire "net address" into the UDP open function and it DOES work for write as well.  I have a feeling maybe the function was updated but the help was not.  I have verified this functionality with wireshark

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I have asked a tech writer to review the documentation for the function.

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Status changed to: Declined
Tech writer was alerted of documentation issue.