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LM3S8962 as STM Client

LM3S8962 as STM Client

Im working with the STM package to try and get a TCP client operating upon the LM3S8962 to communicate with my PC as the server although it never makes a connection. I keep getting error code 56. 


I can happily get the LM3S8962 working as the server with the PC as the client, but not the other way round.


Any suggestions?


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Re: LM3S8962 as STM Client

The STM reference library wasn't expressly designed to work on an ARM target, so running into some impementation issues is very possible.  However, it uses the base level TCP functions at its heart, so it's possible that it will be able to be implemented successfully on this target.  Error code 56 implies that your connection request is timing out before receiving a response.  You should go through and double-check the timeout duration, and increase them as necessary.  Additionally, to remove any unnecessary complications in trying to debug this, you may want to try running just the basic TCP example program and see if that works before trying to incorporate the STM reference library.  I hope this helps!

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Re: LM3S8962 as STM Client

also had problems to communicate between the card and the computer, check this configuration


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