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visa resource name not shown in VI front panel

hello all 

I am trying to get data(or control ) from Agilent network analyzer (N5230C) using following hardware and softwares:


  1.       Agilent 82357B GPIB-USB controller (cable)
  2. Agilent PNA series netwok analyzer (N5230C)


  1. Labview 2018
  2. Keysight I/O libraries

I have installed NI-VISA and NI-488.2 drivers for labview. I also installed the instrument drivers for N5230A pna.

I checked the connection in keysight I/O software and i am able to see my instrument there to which i can send and read query. 

I did bit steps like checking tulip in MAX and i am able to see my instrument there also in MAX. can send query and read using VISA Test panel in MAX.

The problem occurs when i try to see VISA RESOURCE NAME in front panel of my program VI where i am initialising my instrument using instrument driver VIs.

Only refresh is shown in VISA RESOURCE NAME control. I tried entering the address GPIB::16::INSTR manually but following error occurred:

Error -1074003951 occurred at AGPNA Initialize

Pics are attached for the help.

Thank you 

will wait for the reply.


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