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VISA fails to connect even though I can talk in MAX



I'm having issues with communicating to my DC power supply over Ethernet connection.  I can see it in MAX, and talk to it using the test panel, and have configured an alias.


However, when I set up a very basic VISA communication VI, I get an error in VISA Read that there is insufficient location information or device not present


Hopefully someone here can assist

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I realised that the first error I referenced was because I still had the VISA Test Panel open for the device.  I now get 0xBFFF0015 Timeout expired before operation completed, just on the VISA Read command

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may set the 0x0a for the terminator for solving this issue.

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Hi djroseman, 


The Timeout Error can be because of different reasons, like not having the correct drivers or not sending the commands in the correct syntax. Please check this KB, it discusses the different reasons for this issue:


Kind Regards, 

Nour Elghazawy

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I've solved this now, a combination of adding a line feed constant to my input string and getting the correct number of bytes to send for each message


Thanks for your help


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hi djroseman

Can you please send the corrected vi. What byte count did you specified than ? 

Thank you  

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hello shubham47,


I've attached my working VI - the byte count needs to match the length of the string which would be recieved - this put in as constant since I already know what the response from the instrument will be




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Thank you Djroseman

Can you tell me from where i can get the VISA command set for Agilent N5230C Vector Network Analyzer. I need to get the measured data on VNA to PC in any format (excel,.S2P,array etc).

Will wait for reply.


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I wouldn't know as I am not using that piece of kit.  I would say that a good starting point would be the technical documentation for the instrument.  On the data collection, there are a number of report generation functions in labview which will give you TDMS or Excel, or you could get diadem




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Thanks Dave

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