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usb-webcam install problem

I have download USB cameras driver in but in can not install in labview 8.0 .event i labview  7.0
come up a window say (you must have vision 7.0 or higher with labview 7.0or higher.or you must have Vision Assitant 7.1 or higher installed
to use this add-on)
and i also try another Labview webcam driver from this page ...
but when i running the example it searching for a file name (IMAQ Array To ColorImage ) I cant find this file in my Labview ducument .what can do now ?pls help 
thank you
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pls someone help!
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I'm sorry that I didn't understand your situation clearly.

Have you installed Vision Assitant 7.1 or higher? And what's your LabVIEW version?

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my labview Vision is 8.2. But i dont know how to look is Vision Assitant 7.1 or higher?
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Open "NI License Manager" which locates in "Start >> All Programs >> National Instruments >> NI License Manager".

You could find all the licensed NI softwares you have installed on your computer in the left column, and you can check the version character of the corresponding software in the right column.

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