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how to convert millisecond time interval to microsecond

Dear NI community,


I'm using Keithley 2460 for continuous current measurement vs time-source as voltage.

I have a problem with measuring time as microsecond because in the code measure interval time is in milliseconds and the graph time is in seconds.

I do some changes to the code also.

can anyone please let me know what is the way to correct the issue or let me know which vi can use for this?

Please find the attached code below.

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You are doing software timed single point acquisition and waits in LabVIEW a quantized to milliseconds.

You are using an xy graph with evergrowing data (eventually you'll run out of memory, which will happen 1000x faster if you are doing microseconds!)!

You are multiplying your ms time interval (wait) by 1000, so you'll get seconds instead. Are you sure your control labels are correct? What are default values?


Is this code running under windows? How do you communicate with the instrument?


None of your questions make any sense. I am not familiar with your instrument, but maybe you can do hardware timed measurements. What are the specs for reading rates, for example?




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