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VISA Errorcode -1073807202

I am trying out the Evaluation of LabView 7.
I want to use the hp34970a-example. But when I am compiling I get the VISA Errorcode -1073807202.
"VI_ERROR_LIBRARY_NFOUND A code library required by VISA could not be located or loaded."
But is it because I only have the 30 days evaluation ?
How can I fix the problem and communicate with the hp34970a ?
Looking foreward hearing from you.
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Make sure that NI-VISA or the NI-VISA Run-Time Engine is installed on the computer. This error suggests that NI-VISA is not installed, or there is a problem with the installation. To remedy this, uninstall any existing versions of NI-VISA on the machine. Then, either reinstall the same version of NI-VISA, or upgrade to the latest version of NI-VISA.
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Thanks that was the problem - the NI-VISA Egine wasnt installed. I am just learning.
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