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USB drivers for PIC

I trying to communicate with a PIC 18FXXXX series microcontroller via USB thru LABVIEW. I have created the labview drivers for the microcontroller using the VISA Driver Development wizard. I can see my device in MAX, but when I use the "visa open vi. ". I can't see an option for my device . The only options I see is COM1, COM2, LPT1.
Any suggestions . Below are 2 screen shots of MAX and Visa open.
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You can manually type your VISA alias name in the constant. Let me know how it goes.
Nikhil A.
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Thanks Nikhil, Yep I got it working yesterday by entering the name. But isn't there a way to display the USB option in the pull down menu, like you can display COM1, COM2 , etc.



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That's great! You can actually right click on that constant and select I/O name filtering and set appropriate parameters for example in 'Limit Interface Types' check USB devices and you will see your USB alias in that. I think this will help.
Thanks and good luck with your project.
Nikhil A.
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You can also go into MAX and create an actual alias like Com, Com2 instead of using the canonical name. Something like 'PIC'.
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