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Tektronix TDS 3032 oscilloscope on GPIB-USB (driver)

I have a Tektronix TDS 3032 oscilloscope connected to the computer on GPIB-USB. 
I need its IVI driver in a dll format to be able to run Matlab's command makemid in order to obtain the mdd driver to use in Matlab with tmtool in the Instrument Control Toolbox.  
Does anyone have it?
Any other ideas on how to control the oscilloscope from Matlab?
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The IVI driver is on the Instrument Driver Network.
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The IVI drived posted on the driver network doesn't include a dll file which Matlab asks me for. Thanks.
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It includes tkds30xx_32.dll and the download page also has section on required software that includes the IVI Compliance Package and VISA. If there is another dll that Matlab is looking for, you should provide the name of that dll.
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Ok, I found the dll in the bin of C:\VXIPNP\WINNT not in the folder under .../Labview 8.2/instr.lib where I was looking.

This was what I needed. It doesn't work with midedit in Matlab but that's for a different forum 🙂

Thanks a lot.


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