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PCI 488 not recognized by computer

Hi, I have a NI488 GPIB board but the computer can't recognized it after I plugged in. I downloaded some drivers but it still can't connected rightly. I wonder which driver should I use? My opreating system is Win7 and I want to connect it with Keithley 2001 multimeter for the data record.

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Hi Bear2013,


Thanks for posting on the NI Discussion Forums!


You can use either the NI-488.2 driver for low-level GPIB functions or NI-VISA for a more high-level approach. You can find downloads for both at


Which operating system are you using? Does the computer recognize at all that the device is plugged in?

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After taking a closer look at your pictures, I just want to make sure which card this is. Can you confirm the manufacturer and the part number? I don't see PCI-488.2 is not in the National Instruments product catalog.

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That is an old and now obsolete board from Measurement Computing. You may be able to still get the drivers:




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I I have the same problem, but I work with XP
to run MAX can not detect my GPIB
could give me a solution

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Hi elchido,


Do you have the NI-488.2 and NI-VISA drivers installed? Downloads for both drivers can be found at, as mentioned above.


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