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PC minimum specs

I have a simple program that communicates to a USB device using sdk wrapper, and I will create an executable so that it can continuously run on its own. Since it is a simple program, and not memory hungry, will it be okay if my deployment machine is Intel Atom x5-Z8350 quad core, 2Gig Ram, 32Gig Storage or do I have to increase the RAM? The pc is running Windows 10 and my LabVIEW version is 2019.

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Just for Windows 10, you need at least 2GB of RAM (Windows 10 system requirements).  So I would definitely boost that up.  I would want at least 16GB, but prefer 32GB.  Just for reference, my (corporate) PC is currently using 11.5GB of RAM.


I would also want more storage than 32GB.  That is next to nothing.  Windows 10 claims it needs 20GB minimum.  And then you are going to use space for drivers, LabVIEW, your application, who knows what toolkits and other software.  So I would want at least 128GB of disk space.  But I struggled with that back in the day.  So I would personally push for at least 500GB of hard drive space.

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I'll only be running the executable on the deployment machine though. 

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