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Interface specification for GPIB-ENET

I have several GPIB-ENET Ethernet<->IEEE 488 controllers (P/N 181950L-01). For an embedded application, I need to write a driver for this device (preferably in Perl or Python). Where can I find the documentation of the protocol that the GPIB speaks over its Ethernet interface?

Alternatively, if such protocol documentation is not available, source code for Unix/Linux tools and libraries for the GPIB-ENET might also serve my needs.

I can't use any of the binary-only drivers or utilities supplied by NI, because my application does not run on a standard operating system. I need to write a very simple version of a GPIB-ENET driver myself, which I hope should not be too difficult, given the right documentation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

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Hi Markus

There are C source code libraries available for purchase, which should allow you to create a driver for the GPIB-ENET device. This package is called ESP-488. Please see the following links:

Hope this helps!
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