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I need help setting up GPIB with Hitachi F-4500 spectro fluorometer



I recently purchased a used Hitachi F-4500 spectro fluorometer and installed the necessary GPIB drivers on my windows 11 PC and made all changes in order to communicate with the device.

But the application (FL solution) freezes when I start it.

I recorded the instruction flow (see attachment) and notice that the last instruction is IBWAIT(GPIB0,0x1000). What could cause this problem?


Any help is appreciated.

Best regards





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Have you reached out to the manufacturer for help/support?

Soliton Technologies

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Hello Juergen!


One of the old PCs (Windows 2000) to which our F-4500 was connected via GPIB broke down recently (Institute of Biophysics, JKU Linz). I have been trying to get it going again on another old PC (Windows XP). Yet, after several attempts (also drawing inspiration from your other posts in this forum) I have ended up with the very same sequence of commands (using NI Spy) that you show when using the Hitachi Software to search for the instrument. To that effect, I was wondering whether you could resolve the issue back then, and if yes, if you could hint towards a possible solution for us.


Thank you kindly and best regards!

(also) Juergen

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