Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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How to make labview to receive information from an rfid reader.

We are trying to make a system that labview request the location of a tag and once the readers antenna's pick up the rfid tag it sends it location back to labvew. How would this be possible in labview?

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How do you communicate with the RFID reader? Serial? TCP/IP? You'd need to know the communication protocol with it, and this will be documented with the device's manuals. Have you tried a search? Here's one example:

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Hi urikorulzs2,


Judging by the post you put on the other forum:


This product communicates using RS232 or USB. You can use either one to communicate, however using RS232 might be more straight forward.


For information on how to communicate using RS232 take a look at this link:


Serial Instrument Control Tutorial


Hope this helps!



Chris T.
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is there a tutorial for a usb connection, because we dont have an avaliable serial port to use.

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Hi urikorulzs2,


Unfortunately, from the product page it only says USB but does not specify how that USB communicates nor does it give commands. It might be a USB to Serial conversion or it might be a USB bulk. if you could find out how the product communicates when using the USB then we could proceed from there.



Chris T.
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