Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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HP545xxb driver


I used HP545xxb getting in HP545xxb.llb with a HP54502A
scope, but it always brings out error information such as "query
unterminated" appearing on the scope. I checked step by step, found that
it appears after a VISA Write, and no VISA Read following this VISA
Write, but this VISA Write only writes in the scope a setup string, no
any query string.

can anyone knowing this program help check it and provide any tips?

thanks in advance.

Dongxun Ouyang, Institut fý Festkýperphysik
Hardenbergstrasse 36, Sekr. PN 5-2
Technische Universitý Berlin, 10623 Berlin
Tel : +49-30-314-22182 (Raum PN 543)
Fax : +49-30-314 22569
WWW : http://sol.physik.TU-Berlin.DE/
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