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HP drivers request

Hello, who write you is a student in Informatic Engineering
whith specialization in Industrial Automation and
Automated Systems Gestion, to the "Sannio University" in Benevento (ITALY).

I'm studing for my final work before the degree and for
develope my software applications, I need some drivers
for certain HP instruments.
My develope environment is NI-LabVIEW 5.1 (Windows 98)
but I can't find some instrument drivers, so I hope that
you can help me in this job.
The instrument's drivers that I would, if possible, are:

Manf: Hewlett Packard

Type and model of instruments:
Electronic Load HP 6060A
Electronic Load HP 6063B
Function Generator HP 3325B
Digital Oscilloscope HP 54503A
Commutation unit HP 3235A

Mux 64 canali HP 34511B
Digital Multimeter HP 34520A
Decads interface HP 34522A
32 bit digital I/O HP 34523A

All this instruments are part of a station for electronic boards testing.
I've got a lot of information, but the real problem are the drivers for this
I,ve already visited all NI's and HP's
web site but I can't find them.
Please, send me all the useful information that can help me in this work.

Sure of your courteus interest for this question I send you my Best Regards.

Giuseppe Maio
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