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GPIB current value Agilent 4294a

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Hi I'm looking for the GPIB command to get the current value from the Agilent 4294a. I'm using MATLAB over a GPIB interface. Has anyone the right command for this device?

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According to the programming manual..


Reading level monitoring results p.87 

To read monitoring results of oscillator (OSC) power and dc bias levels, you need to use
the following commands to turn ON the level monitor function before starting


• “OMON” on page 365
• “BMON” on page 272


Use the following commands to read the level monitoring results:


• “OUTPVAC?” on page 394
• “OUTPVACP?” on page 395
• “OUTPIAC?” on page 380
• “OUTPIACP?” on page 381
• “OUTPDC?” on page 376
• “OUTPDCP?” on page 376



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Thank you so much for that!

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