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Error 0xBFFA400C When create virtual device for NI Switch Executive in MAX

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I got a Pickering LXI 65-200-002 chassis, connected to the PXI controller via tcp/ip.  It shows up under Network Devices in MAX.

It works on the VISA Test Panel.  Return the correct ID.

I want to use it in the TestStand.

When I tried to create a virtual device under NI Switch Executive, I got an error 0xBFFA400C.

NI SwitchExecutive Error2.png


I've already created IVI Driver Sessions/Logical Name for the Pickering LXI chassis.


I got other Pickering PXI boards on the same PXI chassis.  All works fine.

I can create virtual device for NI Switch devices without problem.


Anyone has the same problem before?


George Zou


George Zou
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NI MAX   21.5

Switch Executive 2020

Pickering pi40iv64.dll 4.0.18


George Zou
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Accepted by topic author zou

Problem solved with the help of Pickering.

Ran Pickering diagnostic tool, the report indicates that there were old version of pi40iv remain.

Uninstall pi40iv, and manual search & delete all pi40iv dll/lib.

Ran diagnostic tool again, make sure no old version remain.

Re-install pi40iv.




George Zou
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