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Can communicate with NI-USB GPB but not via Ethernet to Agilent E8358 via NI-MAx 21 or Labview 2021

Hi Community,


I have in my Lab a old Agilent Networtkanalyzer E8358A with Labview 2021 running via NI USB-GPIB adapter without issues with NI.-Max  and Labview 2021.


In a Windows 11, DOS Shell I can ping it with the TCP/IP ( also without issues and can transfer data from the Agilent file system to the Windows 10 PC also with no problems.


But to improve the Data transfer speed I want use the Ethernet Interface in Labview or NI-Max programms but without success, under NI-Max it is not detected properly and I don't know why.


Also a right click in NI max on the newwork divice will not open the VISA test panel.


Maybe can someone give me a hint where I must enable or do something else to commuicate via TCP/IP with Labview.


Best regards


antenna guy




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You can try to see if you can PING it in the shell.Which version of VISA do you have.

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Sorry, you can ping it. I missed it

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Probably the reason why communication is not possible is that the LAN device name is blank.
The standard LAN device name for communicating with VXI-11 is inst0 for most measuring instruments.


NI-MAX : Devive and Interface -> Network Device -> Right Click -> Create New VISA TCP/IP Resource -> Manual Entry of LAN Instrument -> Next -> IP address : LAN device name : inst0 -> next -> finish

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also with Lan device Name inst0  is not working or detecting in NI-Max.


See attached picture, of NI Max screenshot it works with GPIB Adress 16 without issues via NI-USB-GPIB Adapter.


Also in the Windows shell I can ping via Ethernet to without issues (see picture)

The NI Max has Version 21.0.0f0


More hints what I can try ?




antenna guy

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When I searched for and read the manual on the Web, it seems that the E835xA does not have the VXI-11 function, and only Socket communication can be used on the LAN.


Change the newly created network resource to Raw Socket and try again.

(The port number is 5025.)

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thank you for you help it works a little bit with the Port  if I installed from scratch (delete the old one in NI Max).


See attached first picture, after that prodedure I saw the whole stuff in NI-Max working.

If I reboot the Windows 10 PC again and restart NI-Max again than it didn't work see picture 2.


Do you have additional tip that it work permanently also after reboot the Windows PC ?




Thank you



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