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serial communication between arduino mega and NI-myRIO

Hello Everyone,


I'm able to successfully connect arduino mega to NI-myRIO through serial communication. I'm able to run the blink program. When I send the signal from myRIO, it controls the led in arduino (pin 13) successfully.


Now when the LED in arduino is turned on, I want to run a SDI-12 program on arduino, and communicate the data to myRIO UART ports through a different serial port. 


When I try to do this, the myRIO throws out ERR 5003. 


Can I have two serial ports when using LINX? ONe to send the LED signal, and other for UART communication to myRIO. If this is not possible, is there any recommendations?


When I add any code to LINX_arduino_mega_serial, labview throws out ERR 5003. If I just run the default Linx_arduino_mega_serial, the communication is smooth. Please let me know where I'm going wrong.



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