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How to install Labview run-time on rpi2 without internet connection



I'm just getting started with LINX. I have Labview 2021 32 bit installed with LINX/Hobbyist. I went to Target Configuration, typed in the IP+username+password. Connection was successful. Then I went to Installation, saw that Installed Version, and Available Version were blank. I clicked Upgrade button and it says that I need internet connection on the pi (rpi2). My work environment makes it very difficult to have an internet connection on the pi. Is there a way to install the runtime without internet? I do have internet on the host (separate ethernet/network). I apologize if this is a repeat question. If it is, please kindly refer me to the related post. Thank you!

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Hi pudgy,


Right now there isn't an easy way to do an install to your Raspberry Pi without an internet connection.  We're definitely aware that this requirement makes setting up a Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black way more difficult.


I've been working on a solution to make setting up a Raspberry Pi with LabVIEW much easier (and won't require an internet connection).  I don't have an ETA for you, but I'm hoping to have it ready soon.




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Thank you for the information!



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I just posted information on that new installation method which may help you out.

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Hello Ken_S,


Thank you for the follow up. I will try this when I need to configure another Raspberry Pi. What I had to do for now was to pack my setup, drive it over to a location with Wi-Fi access, install a USB Wi-Fi adapter on the Pi, then proceed with the install steps. Using an OS image with LabVIEW support already installed sounds like a good option. Thank you.

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