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Some questions concerning the soft panel

Some questions concerning the soft panel



I use the softpanel for acquiring some data with a high-speed digitizer 5122.


Now some questions arouse.


1) The Time/Div value.... I can choose for example 5 seconds per DIV. ... But as my wanted signal is only about 36 second, I do on the one hand loose some time...

On the other side.... the acquisitian time is to short...

=> so is there any possibility to manuelly adjust the time/div ... (I also want to keep the 900.000 acquisition points)


2) Is there any possibility to save the measured signal in two formats .... lvm and hws? When I choose "lvm", and later hws... I don't come in the desired menu? (Or is this a case of "problem exists between keyboard an chair")





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Re: Some questions concerning the soft panel



1) The available options on the Time/Div drop-down correspond to the available sampling rates for the specific device (See KB).  The only way to change these options would be changing the record length (which is sounds like you don't want to do).  However, if you just want the UI to focus on the specific section, there is a zoom mode available.  If you click the magnifying glass in the upper right hand corner of the graph, it allows you to see the full acquired waveform on top and then use cursors to select the region you want to view below it.


2) I'm not sure if I fully understand where you are running into difficulty.  If you choose to Save Data, after hitting okay it brings you to a menu where you can select the format.  I tried saving in both HWS and LVM and they seemed to work (I opened them both in a text editor and the formats were what I expected).  Where exactly are you running into trouble?


I hope this helps,



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Re: Some questions concerning the soft panel

Hello thank you for the answer 1) yes, you a right.... this is not what I wanted.... (it is not important any more). I wanted to chose a sampling rate which is better suited for my time course.... and not... maybe 59sec or 10sec per div.... 2) I wanted to save my measurement data at the some time.... (from the same measurement) in lwm and hws at the same time.... but I had to choose one format.... if I have saved my waveform to the one format, for example lvm... I am not allowed to save the same wave in hws.... (if it is not a pekac problem... ) Thanks
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