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Labview Tortoise Git Integration [LV_TortoiseGit v0.8.1.1]


Recently I moved from SVN to GIT as my source control and revision manager.  I'm still getting used to everything so i don't consider myself an expert yet, but i really missed the Project Provider options that I used for SVN source control within the project window. 

I'm releasing an open source beta project provider for TortoiseGit Integration.  This addon is very similar to the current SVN options but was developed entirely from scratch.  Currently this provider requires TortoiseGit to perform most of the Source Control Actions.  I know a lot of you on here have recently switched to sourcetree, however, unlike TortoiseGit they do not currently offer a command line interface yet for windows that i could find.  I've tried to make this project flexibile and if they offer a command line for windows eventually it should be fairly quick to re-factor for that. 

The project can be found here: https://bitbucket.or.../lv_tortoisegit

Addon Features

  • Tortoise Git Icon Overlays within Labview IDE
  • Tortoise Git Commands from within Labview IDE
  • Ability to directly reload a project from within the Project Window, as well as prompts to reload the project when performing actions that require a reload.
  • Open Git Bash from project window

I'm hoping some of you will have a chance to try this out and let me know of any issues.  I would like to track issues on bitbucket if possible so that they are all in one place, but i will also be checking these post for issues as well. 

Feel free to fork the project and hack on it yourself.  If you come up with something decent and don't mind sharing, send a pull request. 

One initial issues i'm hoping the community can help with is building the package for older versions of LV.  Currently i only have access to 2013 so i am only able to build the package for this version.  If anyone has a change to pull down the repo and build it for older versions please do.

Another question i have for the community is the license i currently have on the project.  This is my first open source project of any kind so i wasn't sure what license to put on it.  I did not want to be too restrictive so i went with a BSD license.  If any of you see an issue with this please let me know as I'm open to suggestions.

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How can I Install this add on , on  Labview 2013?

The VIPM says that my version of Labview is not compatible with the package.

Best regard

Cyril F.

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Did you try the lv_tortoisegit-[LV2013].vip located in the     page as well?  Its been awhile since i've looked at this but i had uploaded a 2013 and 2014 version at one point. 

Edit* I should probably update the readme to reflect this.  And if you have any other issues please let me know.

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Yes I have already tried to install this version, i had the same error.

I am running on a SP1 version of Labview 2013.

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Give me a little bit, i'll check some things out, i need to get LV 2013 installed on my system again

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Ok,  thank you for your help

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Hello, first i wish you the best for 2016! Did you have some time to check it in labview 2013?

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HOW to Use?

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我也安装过,测试全部成功了,这个应该还依赖于 totoise Git 是不是你没有装它的原因?



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Thank you very much


I  know how to use it

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