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Flexlogger not recording all Channels

Hello Community,

unfortunately we struggle with Flexlogger 2021 R1.1

Many times it does not log all Channels. We are using Flexlogger with NI Compact DAQ and Modules 9205 and 9226.

Samplerate is 10Hz sometimes 100Hz, but it doesnt matter, the problem exist on both situations.

Because our tests are often more than 30 minutes it is pretty annoying when we notice that we didnt record all data. 

Restarting Flexlogger fix this Problem, but after some hours it can happen again.

I would be really happy, if somebody can tell me how to fix it, so that Flexlogger works reliable. 


Best regards



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Sounds like a bug, it would be best to reach out to NI Support with a video of your observation.

Soliton Technologies

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Dear Santhosh,

do you have an email adress where I can send the Video?


If I search online for NI Support, I always come to this forum.


Thanks a lot



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