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Announcing FlexLogger 2020 R1

FlexLogger 2020 R1 is now released and available for download!


This release marks the introduction of PXI support to FlexLogger. Several PXI SC Express, DSA, and XNET cards are now supported. It also adds new visualization options (XY Graph) and event options (trigger on test stop). 




Hardware Support:

  • Added Hardware Support for select PXI Express modules. (see readme for more detailed information):
    • SC Express: PXIe Voltage, PXIe Temperature, PXIe Strain, PXIe LVDT/RVDT, PXIe AO
    • PXIe DSA (Sound and Vibration)
    • PXIe XNET (CAN and LIN)
  • Added Hardware Support for NI 9262 (1 MS/s/ch Simultaneous Voltage Output)


Software Support:

  • New sensor configuration for LVDT/RVDT sensors.
  • New screen visualization: XY Graph. Other FlexLogger graphs plot data vs time - with the XY graph, you can correlate two data sets together, like Pressure VS Temperature. 
  • New event: Trigger on Test Stop.  Use to set output channels to safe states or reset to starting conditions at the end of test. 


Learn more about these and other new features at the FlexLogger ReadMe, and download the latest version from ni.com.

Derek B. (esoDerek)
Product Marketing Engineer
National Instruments
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