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Using Compact Fieldpoint with CVI 2017

I just posted this to the LabWindows forum, but thought there might be somebody here with some insight:


I am trying to use Compact Fieldpoint with CVI 2017.  Yes, obsolete hardware with new dev environment.  I have no choice, until "they" come up with money to refresh the DAS equipment.


I installed latest Fieldpoint drivers, version 15.x.  Recompiled the older app that uses Fieldpoint, launched it -- immediate error.  Cannot execute because the app is looking for cvirt.dll.  Not cvirte.dll, but cvirt.dll.  What in the world is it.  Is there a workaround?


Will appreciate help really fast.  Thanks...

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Hello hendra@ngms,

This file was removed in CVI 2017. You can see it in the Readme.

If you need this file in order to continue working, please contact National Instruments support ( 

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Your link to goes nowhere. 


Do I have to talk to a human being to get cvirt.dll e-mailed to me?  There does not seem to be any way to download it from

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Hi hendra@ngms,

My apologies, the formatting broke the link.  If you are in the US try this link:

Yes, you will need to contact National Instruments directly via phone or email in order to get the library. Phone is generally faster. It is not available for download, and we will have to check that to make sure there wasn't a specific reason the library was removed.  Feel free to mention my name to the engineer if you decide to call or email.

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Sorry hendra@ngms, for some reason the links keep breaking. Please copy and paste the text directly.

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Reverted laptop to CVI 2015, installed Fieldpoint 15.3, project compiled fine, made tweaks, re-deployed.  Hopefully this is the last of this kludge and "they" will cough up money to replace Compact Fieldpoint.


Thanks to all that helped.

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I'm glad you found a solution. Good luck!

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