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Multiple executables access same field point/different channels

We have a cFp 2100 with analog I/O module and a relay module. Our I/O module monitors pressure tanks while the rly controls the valves on them. We had a VI developed to control 2 tanks, and built an executable off this. We want to add 2 more tanks quickly, but dont have anyone readily available to reprogram the VI to accomodate more tanks. My question is:
If we make another copy of the executable and run it in parallel with the first one, only changing the channels for the relay and I/O, can we run the 2 executables through the same field point, since they will be accessing different channels?
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You should be able to run the two in parallel.  Is the code running embedded on the cFP target or on a host pc?
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This is the same guy, I was logged on under someone else's account by accident. It is currently running on the host PC. I should mention that we would require both executables to be running at the same time. They would be accessing different channels on the FP modules though. I am assuming if I rename another copy of the executable I can get it to open 2 instances of the program.
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Do you want this application to automatically start running at bootup (startup.exe ) or are you using some other means to start vi on the target cFP?  If you need it to autostart at boot up, I think you will need to create a single vi that contains 2 copies of what you are currently running and then create the startup.exe from that.
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We start it by opening the executable manually. This is done whenever we need to start pressurizing tanks. It is user determined and doesnt start automatically. A desired scenario would be the technician opens exe #1, starts running it on a tank, then opens exe #2 and starts running a test on another tank while test #1 is running. From what you are telling me this is going to be possible, i just need to change the channel designations in the second executable so there are no conflicts in the cFP.
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That should work.  The only thing that could possibly bite you is if your app is very large/memory intensive.  Only so much memory and cpu cycles to go around.
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Thanks for all your help
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