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FieldPoint & c#

 i want use fieldpoint with c#. Howcan i integrate thi two system? Thank's
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Hi Mirkor,
   First of all it's important to know what are you going to do:
      1) Create an application that will run in a host PC, to control FP

      2) Create an application to be downloaded to FP, and with which FP will behave like an embedded standalone system.

   In the second case, you need Real-Time module, so it'll be difficult (maybe impossible?) to use C# (and measurement studio supported languages in general).

   In the first case, maybe you can refer to LabWindows/CVI issues on programming fieldpoint, it can be a starting point....

   Hope it helps...

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    no i want to create an application for pc in  c# and comunicate with field point.
But i just resolve the problem creating a class wrapper that call the function  of the fieldpoint, and then call this class wrapper from my c# application.

I read this article and then i create the wrapper


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   When you say FieldPoint, I suppose you mean a FP "Network interface module", and not a Controller module...

   I was interested in this matter too, especially in techniques to talk to Controller modules.

   Bye, and have a nice day!

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Hi Mirkor,

Is this for a Compact FieldPoint or one of the older Serial ones using Optomux? What functions from which DLL(s) are you calling?

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge.

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   i use a dll in c that i create with CVI.  in this dll i export the function to communicate with field point. then i create a simple dll wrapper in  where i import the dll of cvi.So i can use the function like FP_Open in c#.

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(4,526 Views) it's Optomux?
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I don't think it's Optomux. Because, with Optomux (used by legacy/Serial FieldPoint hardware), you can actually send the Optomux commands directly out the Serial port. You don't have to call NI's DLL(s).

Here's the Visual Basic example for Optomux:

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I don't use the Optomux command and there isn't a NI dll. The cvi has some functions(FP_Open,Fp_Close... etc) that allows you communicate with FieldPoint module. This are defined in the "FiedPoint.h" file. 

I create a dll in CVI that export this function and in .net i import this dll to create my wrapper so i can use fieldpoint under .net languages.

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   Since I program FieldPoint in LabVIEW, and I use CVI for other purpose, I guess that FP_open, FP_close it's the same as in LabVIEW functions, that are wrappers for Optomux commands, so I think they're optomux, even if this phylosopycal discussion won't led you to solve problems, maybe! Smiley Very Happy

   Please report further problems, and have a nice day!

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