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problem replacing cFP DI 301 with cFP DI 304

Hi all,

having finished my application, I'm trying to make a new installation but I need more Digital inputs.
So I've replaced a DI 301 with a DI 304 .
Inside the application I use inifile to define all my input, outpout,....
I've just changed
DefautSonde= FieldPoint\cFP-FUJI\cFP-DI-301 @3\Channel 2
DefautSonde= FieldPoint\cFP-FUJI\cFP-DI-304 @3\Channel 2

I doesn't work.
Is there a way to configure that correctly ?.
That application is a product, so it's very important.

Thank you

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First of all - are you using the DI-304 in an RT application?  Or does your application run on a PC?  If this is an RT application, It is important to note that you must install FieldPoint driver 5.0 or later on your FieldPoint controller, which in turn requires LabVIEW 8.0 RT or higher.  I do not know your particular situation, so this may not be an issue.  If your application runs on a PC, then you still need to have FieldPoint 5.0 or higher installed on the FieldPoint controller, but you can use older versions of LabVIEW on the host.

As far as swapping your modules, I'm not sure how your application is using your ini file.  Have you updated the configuration in MAX or in LabVIEW?  In other words, either done Find Devices or removed the old 301 module in the configuration and replaced it with the 304?

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i've forgotten the essential : LV8 RT on cFP module.

I need to make differents configurations for the same application : only the IO change.
The software use an inifile to make the relation between input or output and the modules.
For example the first installation works with a cFP DI 301 and the second need more digital
inputs. So I've tried to replace the DI 301 with a DI 304.

Is there something to know about FPBlank.ini ?.
Where is the documentation ?.

Thank you for your help

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OK - so the ini file you are speaking of is the fpbank.ini file on the remote system?  That file contains more than just the mapping of names to channels, it also contains other information (like module ID) that you are probably not going to know unless you are very familiar with the internal workings of FIeldPoint.  The reason there is not any documentation on the fpbank.ini file is because it is generated by MAX when you setup your FIeldPoint configuration there.  It is not intended to be modified manually.  I would recommend changing the configuration in MAX to include the DI-304 in your bank and saving it.  This will generate a new fpbank.ini file on your controller with the correct configuration.  If you want to then store that fpbank.ini file away so that you have 2 versions of the fpbank.ini, your DI-301 version and your DI-304 version, then that should work.  But I don't think you are going to have much luck editing the ini file manually.

Hope this helps,

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thank you.

I've found the solution with fpbank.ini and a replication vi. So I'm able to make different configurations of the same application.
That's good.

Thank you for your support
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Just a last question : what happens if there is power failure ?. Is it dangerous for the system ( data corruption during file write operations ?).

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Pierre, yes, losing power while writing to file may cause the flash to become corrupted.  Here is a knowledge base discussing this issue further:

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thank you
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