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I have a problem in field point device.
when i run the program i am getting the error,Error message"FieldPoint:  Unable to load the FieldPoint server .dll. Possible cause: The .dll does not support the required interface"
How can i rectify this
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Hi Veeru,
   which hardware/software tools do you use? Which version of the FieldPoint drivers?

   Did you upgraded something from a previous working gear?

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Thanks Graziano
The device is cFP-2000,no i didnt upgraded.
The same program works in other computers.
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   Sincerely, I don't know. I hope someone of NI support can join this discussion. 

   Anyway, I'd try to reinstall FieldPoint Software.  The computer you're talking about is your developement PC (I suppose no)? Has it all the drivers? Can you see cFP-2000 from MAX?

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This computer is the development one.
In Max i can see all the field point devices available.
Thanks Graziano
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Hi Veeru,

Thanks a very unsual error to get on one machine, do you have the option of re-loading the software on the cFP controller from that machine and are you sure that the software on the machine with the issues for cFP matches that installed on the controller.

All the best,

Applications Engineer
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hi veeru

can u attach screen shots of ur set up and error

regards mazhar
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I am having this issue as well. No software changes have been made to the development machine or the machine that this is being deployed to. Any clue as to what might cause this?

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