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Compact Fieldpoint interface with PC

Hi, I am doing my final year project for my undergraduate degree. I am trying to achieve the following scenario using LabVIEW, but is not sure on how can I could do it. will greatly appreciate if any engineers or professionals can drop me some advice.   
The scenario is that upon connecting a compact Fieldpoint to a PC using either ethernet or RS-232. The PC, upon detecting the hardware connected will lead to a 'pop-up' window showing all the modules that have been plugged into the cFP. I referring to a similar scenario that will happen when one inserts a thumb-drive into usb port , where a pop up will appear saying that the following hardware has been detected and one can choose to play/view/open the file folders etc etc...
I understand that the MAX explorer is good enough to detect all the modules within the cFP and at the same time, allows the user to configure individual channels within each module. but, suppose i wish to achieve the above objective instead of using MAX, is there anyway that i can do?
I'm thinking about calling of DLL files, but which to call? and seems like there might be a need to use the cFP hardware drivers as well.
Look forward to receiving feedback on this. Thanks very much in advance.
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       It sounds like you have picked a challege for your final year project.  I recommend that you look into having the PC continually ping the IP address of the cFP and when it gets a sucessful ping, display the pop-up box.  This is assuming that you have already configured the cFP in your LabVIEW project.  As far as trying to call the cFP drivers, I looked through the FieldPoint folder and did not see any .dlls.   Good luck with your project.

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