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Hostname & dynamic IP

I've set some FP-20xx to "Obtain IP address from DHCP server". That is actually a dynamic IP, isn't it? Or will the FP stick to the IP that was given by the DHCP the first time?
Supposing it's dynamic, is it possible to assign a hostname to the FP thru the DNS server, so that i can refer to the FP for example as "" without the need to know the IP, which may change at every power up?
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when you use a DHCP server, the server allocates an IP address to the remote system each time you boot the controller. The new IP address might be different than the address previously assigned. If you use the DHCP server to assign an IP address to your controller, you need to check the IP address using MAX each time you target LabVIEW RT to the RT target. To avoid needing to check the IP address each time, specify a static IP address for the controller instead of using a DHCP server. Giuna
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So, no way to use a DNS! Thanks
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