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Known Issues with Migration


Known Issues with Migration

Below is a list of known issues that occurred during the merging of the NI User Group Community with the NI Discussion Forums. This list consists of confirmed issues and will not contain any design feedback. We will update the list if new issues arise and when an issue is resolved.


  1. Some boards are displaying old topics at the top of the board listing. If you create a new topic, it will appear at the top of the list as expected. This will be fixed in our maintenance window next week. This issue is now resolved.
  2. The kudos leaderboards display users and posts as if they are at the top of the leaderboard in the last 7 days even though their kudos were earned at a date in the past. This is due to the migrated users and posts from the old NI User Group Community. This issue is now resolved.
  3. GroupAdmins of closed groups cannot invite users to join directly from within their group. This will be available in our next release. Until then, you will need to send the user a direct link to the group and the user can then request to join.
  4. Some documents or blog posts may have formatting issues such as overlapping text, a different colored background, or images not displaying properly. If you see this, please go to the Options menu for the content and choose Report to a Moderator.
  5. Some redirects from throw an insecure connection error. We are working as quickly as possible to get our security certificate updated. You can get around the error by changing the URL you are attempting to access to http:// or by making an exception in your browser for the site. This is now resolved.
  6. GroupAdmins see an "access denied" error when attempting to change the role for members of their group. This issue is now resolved.
  7. Documents that you created or contributed to are not found on your user profile or advanced search when scoped to an author. Only newly created or edited documents will appear on your profile or in the search. We are investigating this further. This issue is now resolved.
  8. Some redirects are not functioning properly. If there is a link within content to what was previously a URL, the redirect takes you to a "page not found" error message. You may need to add /content/ to the URL in order for it to work again. This is now resolved.
  9. You must join a group in order to see the content within the group. This is a temporary issue. Once resolved, you will be able to see the content within an open group without joining, but you still must be a member of a closed group in order to see the content within. This is now resolved.
  10. Within a user group, the option to embed an image or view the post in HTML mode is missing. This is now resolved.
  11. Restricting or blocking edits on documents causes the document to disappear from the document category listing.
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