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Required files (Program Chooser, Samostat, NXT Shell)

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We just downloaded and installed Labview 2012. We downloaded the latest firmware to the NXT. After that all files (Program Chooser, samostat, and NXT shell) were gone.

Found ways to get samostat and NXT shell back on through some posts, but no luck with program chooser. A search of the hard drive does not find any .vi (or any file) with the Program Chooser name. What are we missing? Just for fun (not really fun, but....) downloaded a RobotC has the Program Chooser .c file. At this point in the game we can't afford to learn RobotC. Anyone help to see what we are missing to get the program chooser loaded? Thanks

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Well I think I have answered my own question....the firmware revision looks the same for 2010 vs 2012 - so we booted up 2010 downloaded firmware and got all of the files on the NXT. Now the 2012 program files seem to work just fine. Seems like a bug in the 2012 version, but oh well. Up and going again. If anyone else has this problem, you could most likely download the evaluation version of 2010 - do your firmware update then go back to 2012. At least this worked for us.

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Please see this post regarding loading program chooser.

Additionally, you can find all the assets that get downloaded to the NXT by browsing to this directory. You can manually download files to the NXT by using the NXT terminall.

Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW2012\vi.lib\NXT\Subs\OnBoardFiles

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I did try that (several times) the files just do not exist and I downloaded the program (LabView) on 2 different PCs. I don't understand why I would not have the files to download......

I did a seach on all of the C drive 2x - no files with those names or parts of those names exist......

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I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems. There is a lot of information in the posts you've already visited, I'll try to boil it down.

I assume you have the MCT Toolkit (f1) installed, and can see the 'Arm & Gripper' project in the list when you enter LabVIEW and 'create program'. If not then do STEP 2 here  If YES, but you feel things have disappeared, then go ahead and re-install it.

So, now you have an istallation where LabVIEW is f5, NXT Module is F3, and MCT is f1 (use 'help-about to confirm this).

At this point this approach should work for you (running a 'computer target' in direct mode):

I find it surprising that only the 'NXTShell.rxe' and 'samostat.rxe' are loading for you since the 'Program Chooser.rxe' resides in the same directory, and they usually all load at once. Perhaps the NXT memory is full? If P.C. is loaded last, maybe it's not going on. These .rxe's should be found in your 'C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2012\vi.lib\NXT\Subs\OnBoardFiles' directory.  

If you want to find the original 'Program' for deploying (compiling) then you will have had to download and install the Samantha FCS software found at the FIRST FTC Team Resources page:

                click on the  Field Control System Ver. 3.0.6 Download found here

It is a fairly long process to deploy the 'Program' - if you feel the need to do that I can look for some posts that walk you through it. However, I really recommend using the simple 'SONG' direct-mode approach!

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