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Program Chooser runs the wrong teleop program

For those that would like to peek inside the FTCconfig.txt file I have attached a screen shot of a VI that shows you how - it is run in Direct mode.

I've also attached the VI   (Copy/Paste that vi code into a NEW Computer Targeted VI in your own project)

Remember to keep the names of your 'teleop' VI's fairly short. Names longer than 15 characters will NOT be usable by the FCS. I like to keep them under 12 chars.

I wrote a little vi to run on the NXT (in Remote mode) that displayed the file's contents, but it compiled to 5.6kB!  Program Chooser is only 3.4kB in comparison, and it will show you the file it wrote on the final screen - keep an eye out for it there. TIP: Watch the running of Program Chooser from your computer screen using the 'NXT Remote Display' Application.

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