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IR Sensor not detecting the beacon

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I am trying to program my FTC robot to use the IRSeeker V2 sensor using Labview for Mindstorms 2012.  The sensor is picking up the IR beacon when we use the Schematic Editor. However, when we ry to write a program that uses the IRSensor, it is not picking up the beacon.  Our version on Labview only has the block for the V1 sensor and I think this is the issue.  How do we get the V2 block into Labview?  Thanks.

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I didn't do any extra downloads for my LVLM 2012/MCT on my computer this season, and I found the Seeker V2 read vi here:

I've attached a couple screen shots that show where I got the V2 from:

  • p1: [Functions Palette - NXT I/O - Additional Sensors and Motors - HiTechnic Sensors - HT Read] drop this in and you will see that it defaults to the 'HiTechnic Accelerometer'
  • p2: use the pull-down on that vi to get to the other choices, you should see the 'Read IR Seeker (V2)' available there.

Let me know if you don't find it here too.

The V2 vi is here dated Oct 7,2010 - I belive it is the newest one available, and used it last season; but, like I said, this year a V2 version was supplied.

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Thank you very much for the help. 

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