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labview axi camera programming

Hi, I have a question again. Ok so we have the camera image to where we can find the square with the rectangular processing example but now I was wondering how do I add that code to our actual frc crio project to process the image to move a motor in our code? all answers would nice. thanks from team 4110

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To move the rectangular example to your regular robot project you probably just want to replace your vision processing loop in the regular robot project with the one from the rectangular example. You will also need to move all the Vision Support VI's from the rectangular example to your main program.  You can then use the output of the vision processing loop to make decisions in your teleop code to drive your motors.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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hey kevin so i tried to switch the codes but im having conflicts in vission processing and the robot global data that i cant figure out how to fix. Any ideas?

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hey kevin so I found out that I just didnt read everything because I found out there is easy instruction on the rectangular robot block diagram.

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