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Two USB Cameras on RoboRio?

We are trying to put 2 usb cameras on our robot and are having issues.  We plug them both in as usb on the RR and can only select/see 1 on the drive rotation.
Ideally we’d like to use a button to switch from one to the other, or have them both display on the driver station.
Any help woudl be appreciated.  First comp this Saturday!
We are using LabView...not a lot of java expertise.
Thanks in advance.
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I haven't worked with RoboRio but might be able to give you a hand.

LabVIEW establishes a communication between a camera using IMAQdx driver.

I don't know how are you developing your application but in general,

you can call multiple "IMAQdx Open" in parallel and have communications.




Certified LabVIEW Developer
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