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Motor Controllers Not Receiving Code... SOS

Hello All,


I'm having a slightly major problem with our robot's Spark and Talon SRX motor controllers. When I enable the robot, our two PWM Spark controllers and CAN Talon SRX controllers blink blue and orange, respectively, signifying they're not enabling or receiving code. I have checked the Device IDs on the Talons, tested them in Tuner, checked the wiring, but nothing seems wrong. I'm not sure if I'm not coding something properly, I've check all refnum names at least three times... I'm totally stumped. Please help!

Screenshot (3).png

Screenshot (2).png

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Let's clarify some things.


You mentioned PWM controllers.

Your code is for CAN controllers.


Are you connecting them to the PWM connections or the CAN connections?  


If you're using PWM, you don't need the Phoenix Tuner for anything other than firmware.  You also should use the built-in open motors option rather than the CTRE one.  Device ID is referencing CAN.  PWM port is what you want to set.

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Right. I am using SPARK controllers on PWM and Talon SRX controllers on CAN. Neither are enabling when I "Enable" the robot.

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Try attaching the entire project here in a zip file.  It might be easier to help you debug that way than by looking at the pictures.  (all of the files contained, not just the lvproj file)

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