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New Student

I am completely new to LabVIEW and FRC. I don't have any idea were I can start with learning this. I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction. Preferably towards something that requires absolutely no prier knowledge of FRC. I haven't been able to find any sources that I can understand enough to get started. I do know some of the basics of LabVIEW but nothing beyond that. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks 

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Hello Ben, welcome to the LabVIEW FRC community!


LabVIEW is a very powerful tool, both for robotics as well as for many other industrial applications. I recommend getting a refresh of it here:


After that, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the FRC framework and the recommended approach. For this, I recommend you watch the FUNdamentals of LabVIEW for FRC 4 videos that explain the concepts needed to develop in the platform.


You also want to take advantage of the content that is installed with the software: Use the template that comes with LabVIEW for FRC, and the Tutorials tab in the LabVIEW Splash Screen.


This is an old screenshot, but the 2020 splash screen has the same elementsThis is an old screenshot, but the 2020 splash screen has the same elements


Of course, ensure you keep an eye on the NI's FRC portal, which contains links to more documentation and resources that can come in handy as you develop.


Finally, you can also review the Secret Book of FRC LabVIEW (and control logic) version 2.07, which has been revised for roboRIO and will give you a comprehensive “tour” of the FRC framework.


All the best,

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Thank you!! This really helped

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