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problems with camera c270 logitech

we are having problems with the logitech c270 camera does not appear in the driving station, in the dashboard part we do not check in the [FRC 2019] Test of the compatibility of your camera with NI roboRIO but we did not find any help or someone who had the same problem with this camera



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I see that the Compatibility tool is open but nothing is reported. Did you run it before taking the screenshot? Did it find any compatible modes?


Please follow the troubleshooting instructions detailed here and detail which step(s) are not working: Robot Camera Images Not Appearing in FRC Dashboard 

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In this part it does not appear to me that I have the camera connected when the technog is connected and I already tried to change the USB port and it still does not appear




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I agree. Apparently that camera doesn't work with the roboRIO video driver, since it cannot be detected by it. Furthermore you have already tried multiple ports and I assume the camera does work properly when connected to the computer, right?


If you still want to use that solution, you can consider an external Raspberry Pi, which might have a more diverse set of drivers.



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