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Modified Example Code

We have accidentally modified our FRC Example code,  is there any way to restore it to how it was?

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You can create a new robot project from the Getting Started Window. This will give you a fresh copy of the FRC framework. You can then decide whether to integrate your custom code into that project or copy files from that project to your modified project to get it back to the desired state. Post back if you have any questions on this.

Kevin Fort
Principal Software Engineer
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I am assuming you are talking about an example found under the LabVIEW FRC examples that shipped with the FRC LabVIEW updates.

You might be able to restore the examples by re-installing the LabVIEW update that can be downloaded from this Community site. You might have to play some tricks to force the installer to reinstall when it might think the update is already installed.

It might be easer to tell us which example you need.

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We have original versions of example codes  ..

So tell us which file do you want to have ?

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