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Labview cannot find my NXT via Wireless Router

I have installed Labview on a laptop running Windows 8.  I have configured the wireless router and the Samantha Module.  Everthing looks like it is working (Samantha sees NXT and is blinking) laptop sees the router but...  When I try to search for NXT it does find the NXT unless hardwired directly into the PC via USB.  It seems as though the new PC is looking via bluetooth and does not know to check for an NXT via the wireless router.  So what am I doing wrong?

My old laptop has no problems finding the NXT via wireless. 

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Hello Troy,

Here are a few resources regarding the Samantha Module. Also, this is the FIRST Robotics Discussions Forum. Please direct your question to the FIRST Tech Challange Discussion Forum if you run into any further issues.





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