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How can i programm in labview in such a way that i read a text which contains values like X=10  Y=20  Z=30 and once i read from the text file i need to write thes values to three different GUAGE indicators say X=10 to indicator 1 ,Y=20 to indicator 2 ,Z=30 to indicator 3.

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Here is a simple answer


The hard part is format of the data in your file and converting it correctly from a string to a number.

Do you have complete control over how the data is stored in your file?

Is there any chance in the future the format of the data string in the file could change?

Also look at Configuration file (.ini files) in LabVIEW

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i am facing problems while reading floating point numbers what modifications is to be done in the regular expression input( X=(\d+) of the match regular expression.

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This is a VI I use to parse floats

Parse Numbers.png

It will go through a string and pull out any and all numbers that is finds in order.

The simplest method is to use the Scan From String. The format string has to be exactly correct for the expected string.

It is not very flexible. If one thing does not match, you get all zeros

Scan From String.png

So again, the method you use depends a lot on the format of the string in your file.

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thanks a lot ..........

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How can programm right click customize control for push button. for eg: if i right click the push button during execution and say on it should execute the the on case similarly if i right click and say off it should execute off case.


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