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Executing FRC Example Programs

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I'm looking through all the FRC Examples on Labview.  I assume each is an executable on its own. 

I'm connected to the CRIO.  I set the appropriate IP address as (Team 3206) on the vi I've selected.

I open an example like  I click the arrow to run it.  It compiles and deploys to the CRIO.  The program returns to the .vi control panel with it's associated controls.  I change them and nothing happens. 

Have I done this correctly?  Do I need to do something with the Driver's Station?

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Another way to ask my question is.  How do I execute the lvproj files in the FRC examples?  Can I run them directly from the front panel view of the vi?

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The driver station is required to be able to output anything that causes motion (for example relays). Everything else sounds correct.

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Sciencewhiz has it right, but I just wanted to add a picture for clarification.

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In order to have one of the examples move anything on your robot you will need the following.

1) Change the IP Address of the cRIO in the project.

2) Run the VI and make sure it connects to the cRIO and deploys the code successfully

3) Open the driver station and make sure the Communications and Robot Code lights are green

4) Make sure the driver station is set to Teleoperated mode with the Enable button lit up.

Sorry to be repetitive, but I wanted to make sure everything was clear.

Miles G.
National Instruments
Staff Applications Engineering Specialist
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