Distributed Control & Automation Framework (DCAF)

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Is DCAF still recommended for new projects as of 2022?

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My gut feel is the codebase would have been significantly simpler and better had class interfaces existed when DCAF was written.


My key issues are tag management, and bundling tags would be a nice feature too. 

Various random bugs. Dependency management. Config files with a mix of XML and JSON were a nightmare. 


In the end I think using the Actor Framework would have turned out better for the project I worked on (But I have a suspicion DCAF was around before the Actor Framework which why it was used).  


There is value in the intent of the framework. But for bigger applications beyond the simple examples, tags between modules is difficult to manage. The drawing map of the tags between modules becomes hard to use/read with many modules with many tags... I wrote some improvements that are still to be pulled in, which made some improvements, but I couldn't get it to the level I wanted. 

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hola, necesito ayuda para leer un documento.txt, es decir un documento de texto que esta hecho por filas y tiene un folio, como puedo hacer para leer solamente la fila del folio que busco 

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