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DCAF Module/Feature Wish List

File Transfer Module

Need to automagically copy files to network shares on a schedule.

can use cron... not easy for end users to reconfigure

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What transfer protocol(s)?

Would all files in a particular directory (or subdirectories thereof) work, or would you also need some form of regex match?

One destination or multiple?

Delete after transfer option?



...what else?


Matt Pollock
National Instruments
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FTP and something to get us to a network shared folder.


I'm OK with backing up a whole directory. I'm a bit fuzzy on the whole what happens if it's a TDMS file that is still being written to...


It'd be nice to setup multiple jobs in a single module and configure schedule per job.

That way, if we needed one to many, we could just setup multiple jobs.

Delete after transfer is a bonus but only if it can be smart enough to not delete open files. Particularly TDMS - I know from running out of disk space that TDMS files that aren't closed get gross.


Authentication would be necessary for it to be useful.


Thanks for the response!

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Re: TDMS files, the usual approach is to have the logging module write to the active files in a different directory, then when a file is complete and closed, move it to a transfer staging directory.  That way the transfer process only ever has to care about files in its directory, and outsource the closing and moving logic to other processes.


Matt Pollock
National Instruments
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Get Target VI that can be used in an Editor Configuration UI. Similar to Get Engine. I'm trying to have a configuration query the target OS for validation of some configuration.

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FYI, the TDMS module does this now to decide whether to show a string or path control depending on target.  Can steal that for now, but agree on having this in core.


Matt Pollock
National Instruments
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I've already implemented it on my end as well. I'll check out what you've implemented and compare. I just thought I'd poke you all about adding the function in a more permanent fashion.


Thanks for the quick follow up!

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