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Trouble using NI USB-4065 with VMWare virtual machine

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I'm going to work with a virtual machine (windows xp) and I need to use a DMM NI USB-4065.

When I connect the USB-4065 to the PC, the virtual windows xp recognize the new HW and also MAX display the new device on the DAQmx list.

It appears ok but if i try to use the USB-4065 (opening the soft frontpanel or in a LabView VI), the device doesn't work.

If I use the soft frontpanel, when i click one botton, the panel seems work but doesn't measure anything; if I try to restart the softpanel, it doesn't work and "freeze" the panel's display.

If I use LabView, the VI return an error about maximum time of the mesurement.

I try to use the device on the real machine (not with VMware) and the USB-4065 works, whith soft panel and whith VI.

I upgrade the DMM's driver on the virtual machine, bat the device doesn't work again.

... I haven't others idea, someone can help me with this trouble?


Thank's, Sem.

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- which kind of error do you receive (error code)?

- which version of windows xp service pack do you use?


Thanks for your reply.


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thankyou Giuseppe.


I use VMware; the virtual machine is windows xp 32 bit SP3.


I repeat the trouble with Soft front panel and with LabView2009, and I attach relative images.


The only news is that I see the DMM works only the first time I read; if i try to change measure (whit Soft front panel) or if I re-run the VI in LabView, the DMM stopp to work.


Thankyou, by Sem.


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NI-DMM is not supported in virtualized environments.  There's a lot of hardware abstraction that virtual machines can't handle.  If you're using  an Intel Mac, Boot Camp is the only supported method (since it's not virtualized).

-John Sullivan
Problem Solver
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Accepted by topic author IronSem

Hi John,

this isn't a good news for my project but tankyou for information.


See you, by Sem.

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Dear all,

I have installed NI-DAQmx and NI DMM 14.0 drivers.


Windows 7 (64bit) recognizes the unit in device manager but Meausrement & Automation explorer does not.


What can I do?


Thank you,




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Tomaz, you need to give more information.


Are you using VMWare?

What version?

On what platform?

On what hardware?

Marcos Kirsch
Chief Software Engineer
NI Driver Software
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two years ago, I had to sobstitute the NI DMM with another commercial DMM (I usec TekTronix), because of NI DMM can't be virtualized; last summer, I test the NI VirtualBench and now I'm thinking to replace my commercial instrument whith this.

VB is smart, small, easy to use, cheap and virtualized... I think that VB is one of the best USB HW Test invented until now, and the performance are sufficient for the most of standard measures. I suggest to use VB.

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Hi, thank you for the answer.

I have reinstalled the NI DMM 14 drivers. Now I can see something in the automation Explorer, but cannot start test panel software.

Please see picture for details.


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